Financing Application and Client Declaration

The Société de développement de la Baie-James agrees to protect and to not disclose private, proprietary and other privileged information provided in the Financing Application and Client Declaration form, including, but not limited to trade secrets, details of commercial practices, customer information, supplier information, intellectual property, marketing practices, procedures for the provision of services and information on products, accounting data, corporate strategies, objectives or forecasts, profit margins, technical expertise and manufacturing methods.

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Supporting documents

Financing application and client declaration

Declaration and consents

I, the undersigned [name], duly authorized officer of the company or principal proponent of the project [project_name], hereby submit an application for funding to the Société de développement de la Baie James (SDBJ). I certify that all information provided in this application for funding is and will be, to the best of my knowledge, complete, true and accurate.

I agree to promptly disclose any other funding applied for or received for the purposes of the project as well as any other government assistance applied for or received by an associated company for a similar project. I also agree to provide to SDBJ, free of charge, without delay and in the form requested, all information required to complete the evaluation of the project.

Consent to the collection of information

I authorize SDBJ and/or its agents and/or its personal information agents to carry out any consultation or verification with governmental and other agencies, if necessary, to make a decision regarding the financing application and I agree that the parties contacted may disclose the information requested.

I agree that SDBJ may collect from my employer, any lender, financial institution or information agent, and, if applicable, from any other person or organization holding information on me, including the Ministère du Revenu, the necessary information on my creditworthiness or financial situation, as well as the verification of any criminal or penal offence concerning me. This verification or investigation may be made with persons whom I have or have not identified, including personal information agents, former employers, my current employer or persons cited as references, educational institutions and health care facilities. This consent applies to any credit to be extended to me, or to the person I am endorsing, or to the business I own in whole or in part, and for the purpose of carrying out the purposes of the file.

I consent to the disclosure of such information by the person contacted even if it is in a closed or inactive file. I further release from all liability the persons or companies providing SDBJ or its agents and/or personal information agents with information about me.

Consent to the disclosure of information

I also consent to SDBJ disclosing to the mortgage insurer, if any, and to any lender and financial institution with whom I have or will have a business relationship, information agent, program manager (e.g, CLD, SADC, government departments), co-borrower and potential guarantor, the information concerning and appearing in this application, as well as the information concerning any commitment under which I could be bound to the SDBJ.

The above consents are those required all privacy legislation.