Mission, vision and values

A Mission Focused on Developing and Diversifying the Region’s Economy

As a representative of the Government of Quebec, the Société de développement de la Baie-James (SDBJ) is responsible for:

To promote, from a sustainable development perspective, the economic development, improvement and exploitation of natural resources other than hydroelectric resources falling within Hydro-Québec’s mandate in the James Bay territory. SDBJ can also foster, support and participate in the implementation of projects having these objectives.

Under this mission, the SDBJ promotes dialogue with other stakeholders, in both the public and private sectors. The Company can also execute any mandate entrusted to it by the government, one of its departments, agencies or companies in any related field and whose expenses are supported, in whole or in part, by the principal.

The experience it has gained over the years has enabled SDBJ to develop the proven expertise and skills required to generate more projects that can generate economic spinoffs for the region. The know-how and means at its disposal have led the corporation to develop the following vision to guide its strategic choices:

Values that are Firmly Rooted in our Management Practices and Client and Partner Relations

All of the corporation’s divisions and employees must incorporate SDBJ’s values into their professional practices:

To be a Crown corporation known for its actions aimed at developing the economic potential of the territory.

Values firmly anchored in management practices and relationships with customers and partners 

Each department and all SDBJ employees must integrate these values into their professional practices:

  • Competence

SDBJ intends to continuously develop and improve its expertise and work methods in each of its areas of activity. Accordingly, its personnel must be competent and motivated, and must adhere to SDBJ’s mission, vision, values, guiding principles and objectives.

  • Flexibility

SDBJ’s ability to adapt to the region’s sociopolitical context and business environment over the years has allowed it to successfully meet its goals. The corporation intends to promote creativity and innovation in developing its organizational strategies.

  • Cooperation

In all its business dealings, SDBJ encourages dialogue and tailors its services to the specific needs of its clients and partners. SDBJ also promotes a management culture focused on listening and finding solutions.

  • Respect

SDBJ’s business decisions are always in line with its objectives and its status as a government corporation, and with the interests of its clients, partners and personnel in mind. The corporation is particularly sensitive to the expectations of the individuals and stakeholders it works with (which include other organizations and companies, the Cree Nation Government, the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government and the Administration régionale Baie-James), as well as its staff members. SDBJ’s business relations are based on mutual trust.

  • Integrity

SDBJ and its staff members undertake to conduct themselves honestly and maintain a high level of professional ethics at all times.