Willy Nzouatoum, Director of Information Technology

Mr. Nzouatoum holds a Master’s degree in system and network Administration from the University of Dschang in Cameroon (2020), and a Senior Technologist’s Certificate in Management Information from Cameroon’s Siantou University Institute (2004).

He began his professional career as a programmer-analyst with MicroWorks Ltd. in 2004. In 2007, he accepted the position of Director of Information Systems at Providence Groupe in Cameroon. In 2010, he joined Cameroon’s National Financial Credit Bank as a Business Intelligence Programmer-Analyst and was named Head of the Data Centres and Infrastructure Department at the same institution in 2016. After arriving in Canada in 2022, he pursued his career, first as Bank Advisor and then, as Director of Customer Service for the National Bank of Canada. Mr. Nzouatoum joined SDBJ as Director of Information Technology in 2023.