Gérard Djakou, Director of Infrastructure

Gérard Djakou holds a civil engineering degree from Cameroon (2008) and a graduate degree in construction engineering with a major in infrastructure design and rehabilitation from the École de technologie supérieure in Montréal (2014).

Mr. Djakou began his career in Cameroon in 1999 as a Road Design Technician with the firm Razel Cameroun. In 2002, he joined Égis Cameroun and remained with the company for the next 17 years, rising through the ranks to eventually become Development Officer. Following a trip to Canada in 2012, he settled here permanently in 2020. He started his professional career in Québec in 2021 when he joined SCI GLOBALE INC. as a Professional Engineer. Mr. Djakou became SDBJ’s Director of Infrastructure in June 2021.