Davey Bobbish, Director

Mr. Bobbish holds a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in administration with a major in finance from Cégep de Saint-Laurent. He began his professional career in 1997 at the Chee-Bee Construction Company Inc., where he worked as Chief Accountant until 2002 before accepting the position of Director General and Treasurer of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi. From 2011 to 2012, he worked as Associate Director General of the Council of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi before being named Chief on March 8, 2012. In addition to his work in the public sector, Mr. Bobbish has acquired a great deal of experience as a Board member on various committees, including the Audit Committee for CREECO, as well as on the Cree Nation Government Board of Compensation.

The Québec Cabinet nominated him to the SDBJ Board of Directors on January 30, 2018.