The vitality observed in the mining industry represents real growth opportunities for suppliers in the mining sector. This context is also favourable for companies wishing to relocate, as well as for the creation of new enterprises.

For the forest industry, serious projects in second and third processing are emerging and moving along despite the crisis. The use of sawmill by-products and utilisation of biomass offer opportunities that would make harvesting and sawmill operations more profitable, and even create new business opportunities.

The forest industry in fill reorganisation

The massive and sustained decline in housing starts in the United States has led to a decreasing demand and prices. The strength of the Canadian dollar, as well as increased energy costs are adding to the constraints facing the forest industry

The current forestry regime can no longer assure companies an adequate supply of fibre at lower cost. This unfavourable state of affairs is forcing the industry as a whole, together with government authorities, to review the Quebec forest industry’s development strategy. At the same time, a wave of consolidation is being seen in the industry, resulting in the closure of some processing plants considered unprofitable in the current context.

However, new opportunities are arising in this sector: the potential use of forest biomass as well as second and third lumber processing projects must be emphasised.