Current Investments

A Crown corporation known for its efforts in developing the economic potential of the territory, the SDBJ is active in many investment projects with companies from the private and public sectors.

Besum Transport inc
Biopat inc
Distribution L.S inc.
Distribution Signal inc
Foresterie Maly
Foresterie W
Gestion P. Mirage inc
H.M.A tires and accessories
La maison du traiteur  (9249-5415 Québec)
Lave-auto Matagami
Les entreprises Alain Tremblay inc
M.Y. Arpentage enr.
Mac-Phil diesel inc.
Manohego inc.
Manoir Providence
Matoush tire shop
Pourvoirie et aviation Mirage inc
Produits maraîchers 2009
R&D Eenou Lumber inc
SEC camp 257
Services pétroliers Chibougamau inc.