The SDBJ is involved in THREE major sectors:

The economic development sector has a mandate to seek, encourage and support business projects, and to participate in accordance with the investment policies of the Company. To execute this, it has a capital risk investment fund.

For it’s service activities,the SDBJ manages transportation infrastructures for two major customers, Hydro-Quebec and the ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ). It executes these mandates, taking into account the needs and financial limitations of donors, while maximising the economic benefits related to these regional activities.

For its hotel operations, the SDBJ operates the kilometre 381 rest stop and manages the kilometre 257 camp in a limited partnership. The kilometre 381 rest stop offers catering services, accommodations and fuel distribution to users of the James Bay highway. It is currently the only rest stop on more than 620 kilometres of road, making it a strategic asset for tourists in the northern sector of the territory.